Start The Journey

So, I posted about my three new year’s resolutions on my last post and I wanted to dive a little deeper into those – into why I chose them and why they’re important to me and the steps I’m taking to make sure that I am setting myself up for success with those options.

Read 52 books.
The reason that I want to read more books is that one of my ultimate dreams is to write a book – or books, if I’m being perfectly honest – of my own. I want to write a book that will inspire people and that will allow me to be the person that I want to be – writing and exploring the world and helping others learn about the world through my stories.

Ultimately, I feel as if reading more books will allow me to write better books. And, while I have so many dreams, I am going to work on some things that will hopefully make my writing a reality. And part of that is reading.

So far this year, I have already read 1 complete book and started my 2nd. My sister got me a Kindle for Christmas (which I wanted) as I am a member of NetGalley and can read those books on my Kindle and Kindle books are cheaper than hardcovers and/or paperbacks most of the time (just a truth here…and I need to not be spending $15-$20 per book that I read this year).

To hold myself accountable, each month I will post what books I have read. I have to read just over 4 books a month – so expect a post towards the end of each month or at the beginning of a month with my books in it.

If you want to follow more journey more closely (I really only update as I finish and start books, not general updates as I read), you can look me up on Goodreads.

Do yoga every day.
This resolution is really two-fold.

One, I enjoy doing yoga. It makes me feel better and it greatly helps to increase my flexibility. It is good for me mentally and it challenges me in the best ways. While I have not attended any public classes, I have – on occasion – done yoga with other people at home (or once, in a public space). I have found a wonderful teacher in Adriene Mischler and I have so enjoyed the videos that she has put out.

Two, I have a deep desire – and need – to get healthy. I am extremely overweight. And, when I am doing yoga, that tends to spill off into other areas of my life, which includes eating better and getting other exercise that is important to me.

So far this year, I have stayed true to this. I am completing Adriene’s Yoga Revolution and I will review it at the beginning of February. However, if you enjoy doing yoga in any way, I urge you to go and check this out – it’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m sure that when I finish this journey it will have changed me.

To hold myself accountable, I will post my plans or intentions at the beginning of each month and review them at the end of the month.

52 Week Contact Challenge.
I am going to do a post exclusively meant for this challenge. This is something that I attempted a few years ago – and I failed. Despite the support and the accolades I received from people regarding this challenge, I just didn’t stick to it. (My hopes for this challenge will be expanded on in the post meant just for it).

Basically, the premise here is that I love to get mail. Real mail that makes me smile. (Not junk mail or bills or magazines – some of these still might make me smile, but it’s not real). And I don’t think that people send enough real mail – myself included. Enter this challenge.

For the year, once a week, I will send a card/letter/package to someone. It will be a just because or a birthday or a thinking of you or anything like that. The point is, there doesn’t have to be a reason – you can send one just because you feel like or you want to put a smile on someone’s face.

While I did just send out my first card, this has gotten a bit of a rocky start. My original intention was to send a birthday card to one of my good friend’s daughter as she is celebrating her first birthday (today actually, so happy birthday to her!). Instead (and it’s because I wasn’t keeping things simple), I fell behind.

BUT, I sent out my first card this morning.

This challenge is also two-fold. I want to make this challenge happen – really make it happen and complete all 52 weeks. BUT, I also want to make this more creative on my end of things. I want to create cards (and I will, it just didn’t happen as I wanted to and I’m trying to figure out the best way to print the cards once I make them) to send to people.

So, overall, I’m doing well so far – of course, it’s still only the first week of the year. BUT, I did send my first card. I have done yoga every day (including today). And I’ve already finished one book (and seeing as 52 weeks = 1 book/week, I’m on track).

I’m struggling a little with the simplicity side of things – as you saw in my card redo, but I am doing okay. And I will continue to do well. Because I can. Because I will. Because it will be a journey.

Next week, expect an expanded entry on the 52 week contact challenge, on my weight loss journey (that has officially begun – and probably actually began back in December when I finally started to do yoga regularly again) and on life in general.

Have a great weekend, guys!

I know it’s a little early to be reviewing goals we’ve just made, but how are you doing on your new year’s resolutions? How are you doing in life? Please share!

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