Finding Your Tribe

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

Today, I am supposed to write about 1-2 people that I would want in my tribe and write why I find them inspiring and the one question that I would ask them in real life if I could meet them.

Here’s the problem (and it is definitely not a problem in the truest sense of the word and what people usually connote with the word): I need to rebuild my tribe.  I have been following a lot of teachers and then looking at other things more fleetingly.  And I need to be better about finding new tribe members.

So, as I focus on writing, I have a couple of people that I would definitely want to emulate and spend time with so that I could get some ideas from them and pick their brains.

First would be Sarah Dessen.  I feel as if Sarah Dessen has a good grasp of reality and also seems to be so much more human than the writers that tend to churn out books all the time.  Her vulnerability makes me want to befriend her and cheer her on.  And then pick her brain and pick up some of her habits so that I can be like her and write some great books that would sell and make me some money!

Next would be Jodi Picoult.  I have been a big Jodi Picoult fan for a long time.  I love that her stories always have twists and lessons and are huge inspirations to so many people.  I also love that I read her stories and sometimes still see ways to improve or other stories that I might have liked better – because it shows that I might be able to do  this too.  She is wildly successful and also an inspiration.

I could continue with this list, but honorable mentions definitely go to: Rachel Del, Jenny Bravo (both of whom writes on their off time with a full time job), Aidan Donnelly Rowley, JK Rowling.

If I could meet these people in real life, I would ask them this simple, but very complex question: What is your daily routine?

I’d love to know how much time they spend on writing, marketing, social media, other activities (whether family, work, charity, etc.).  I’d love to know where they store ideas, how often they edit, when they contact their editors/readers about their stories.  I’d love to know what they do when doubt cripples them and they can’t write anything good.  And I’d love to know what their lives are like so that I can emulate them and do what I need to to make myself successful in this arena.

This has been a great post for me because it has reminded me that I need to really rethink my tribe.  Having teacher friends is great and I really enjoy having them with me, BUT since I am moving away from teaching, I need to rethink my tribe and make things happen for myself in a different way!  And that begins with my tribe.

Who would be in your tribe if you could put them there?


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