Unlocking Your Superpowers

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

In today’s blog post I am supposed to write about my superpowers.  There were three steps that I was supposed to take.  I didn’t take them.  I might try and take them at a later time, but this is the time I have to write this blog post, so I need to make do with the steps that I could take on my own.

So, the three steps I was supposed to take before writing this post were to write down things I’m good at, things I enjoy, and things that others think that I am good at.

I can write down things I’m good at.  Or at least things that I think I’m good at.  And I can definitely write down things that I enjoy.  But I can’t write down things that others think I’m good at because I don’t have access to them at this moment.  And I know that is an essential piece – especially for me.  Because, despite what Natalie said in her video, I don’t even know if I know how to give myself the right amount of credit.

So, to find your superpowers, you basically are finding your sweet spot.  And your sweet spot is where the things you are good at (whether you think so or someone else thinks so) and the things you enjoy meet.  These are your superpowers.  And the things that you should capitalize on.  And this is hard.

So, what are my superpowers?  What are things that I am good at and that I also enjoy?  Things that I could capitalize on and make a revenue from.

I believe that teaching is one of my superpowers.  I am just finding that, perhaps, traditional teaching is not where my path lies any longer.  I hope that as I find a new path, I will be able to embrace teaching in a new way.

Another one of my superpowers is my creativity and positivity.  I am creative in many ways: writing, photography, some amateur graphic design.  It is something I love and enjoy.  And something I think that I am good at/working on becoming better at.  And, usually, I try to have a positive and upbeat attitude regarding things.

And, my last super power is that of listening.  I am a great listener.  And something I would love to do with this superpower is to possibly start a coaching business about meeting goals and making it happen.  This is something that I think will be great and will help me grow a business.  Something that will hold me and others accountable.

And that is all.

Those are what I think my superpowers are.  It is what I can give myself credit for.

What are your superpowers?  What would you be able to do with my superpowers?


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