Creating A Vision For The Future

Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

I think that today is probably the hardest day to date in the blog challenge, but hard is good.  Hard is what makes things happen and makes people stretch themselves and work past their capacity so that they can reach their dreams easily.

So, today, I need to write about my perfect day.  From start to finish, I need to write out what my perfect day would look like.

So, here goes nothing.

My perfect day would consist of me waking up and doing some yoga.  It might be a gentle yoga to get me going and stretched or it might be something that lights the fire and pushes me further than I have gone in my practice.  Yoga has always been good to me, and I should be better to it.  But I would be sure to end my yoga session with at least 5 minutes of savasana – which I don’t ever take enough time for.

After that, depending on if it was a gentle yoga or a more robust yoga session, I might do a workout.  I might go for a walk or use some weights.  Something to get the blood flowing even more.

Then, I would settle myself in for some work.  I would eat some breakfast while I was working.  I would begin by checking my email.  Then, I would set out what I needed to get done that day, whether it was writing or reading or working on a class I’m taking or creating.  I would set out what needed to be done and the order that I wanted to complete it in.

I would break somewhere around midday for lunch.  Lunch would probably be fairly simple, but it might include meeting friends on any given day or a working lunch where I could discuss my goals and what is happening and what I needed to happen to further my goals from where they were.

After this, I would work for a couple more hours.  Then, I would allow myself a little bit of time to read a book for pleasure.  I would take a walk with a friend.  And then, I would spend time with someone special.  We would eat dinner together and watch some TV.

I would end my day with a reflection period where I could note what needed to get done tomorrow (just a haphazard list that would be ordered more neatly in the morning) before getting ready for bed and getting a good night’s sleep.

My ideal day would include all of the following: yoga, reading, writing, photography, and talking to at least one friend or family member in some form.  I would eat well and fuel myself to do all of the things that I need and want to do.  It would include music of various types – most likely country or instrumental – and it would always leave me feeling like I had done everything I could to live the most joyful life possible.

What does your ideal day look like?


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