Another Beginning Missed

Today, school starts again for many people that I know.  If I had gotten a teaching job, school would be starting for me.  But, it’s not.

Instead, I am feeling a bit sad that school isn’t happening for me.  And it worries me.

It was always my dream to be a teacher.  (Maybe it still is).  Ever since I was little, teaching is what I thought I would do with my life.  And, for seven years, I have worked at school.  I have worked many jobs at the district that I worked at.  I worked day to day, I worked in various extended and long term positions.  I helped teachers and helped with extracurriculars.

And, today, school starts.  Today, teachers go back and soon kids will be back and the string of days will go by and the school year will be well underway.  And, I won’t be a part of it.

The beginning of school has always been a new start, a fresh page.  And I am hoping that this year, it brings a fresh slate for me that will allow me to move on with something that is more important to me and will help me still teach people – even in an unconventional way.

Because, I do still think that teaching is important to me.  I still think that teaching is my calling.  I still think that I will teach in some capacity, in some way, at some point.

But, for now, I won’t be teaching in a classroom like I thought I would be.  For now, I am moving on to something different and I will find fulfillment in other areas and doing other things with my life.  I am sure of this.

To all of the teachers out there that have started school or are starting school today, good luck with the year.  I’m sure that it will be a great year and I hope the kids are good to you and you are good to the kids.

And, to everyone else, remember that feeling of the start of school?  Capture that magic again.  It will push some innocence and  brightness into a day that might be feeling not so great because it’s the day after a long weekend.


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