Another Type of Commitment

Earlier this week, I talked about commitment.  I talked about how we have a hard time committing to doing things with people.  It’s something I hate, but very much relate to.  The other day, I bailed on plans that were not firm and had changed from what I thought they would be and did something different.  I bailed on my commitment.  (To be fair, the people also bailed and didn’t attend the event we planned on attending, which alleviated some of my guilt).

But there’s another type of commitment that I’d like to talk about.

Our commitment to ourselves, to our personal development, to our life journey.

How many times have you said that you wanted to do something and it never happened?  How many times have you chosen to do something that you weren’t planning on doing because something else came along?  How often have you been derailed (despite your best intentions) by a mindless activity that would do nothing for you?

Just me?

That’s okay.

I have a theory.  It is based largely on my own experiences and the experiences I have seen with those close to me and how they have told me that they feel or how I imagine they feel (probably based on how I think I would feel in the given situation).

And my theory is this.

In this day and age, this time when so many of our highlights are being placed online and most of our lowlights are shoved somewhere we can’t even find them sometimes, we have a fear of missing out on things.

So, instead of writing that book ( don’t get me started on this dream of mine that I could easily make into a reality), we play games on our phones or tablets.  Instead of taking a class that would potentially help us expand our home business, we binge watch television that instills nothing new in us.  Instead of quitting the job that is tearing us apart, we continue to work at it making no strides towards something that would make use happier.

And I really believe that this is because of our fear of missing out on things.  Instead of taking the trip that would make us happy, we do what our family or friends want to do instead.

And, our lives pass us by.

I am becoming a firm believer in doing things that will make us happy.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t think of others (as helping others find happiness is something that makes me happy).  I am saying that sometimes others aren’t like this and they don’t care about your own happiness.

So, commit to something.  Make it a habit and then ingrain it into your life.

For me, this could be easily done.  I could write every single day – in front of the television, on a break from doing other work, when inspiration strikes.  And, in writing every single day, I could create a story that could become a book.

And, it could easily be done for others as well.

So, take the plunge as this summer season ends and decide to commit to something for yourself.  It might mean missing out on things.  But think of how you’ll feel when you accomplish what you set out to do.

What do you want to commit to?  How will you take those steps to commit to this thing?


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