What Can We Do?

In the time since I was on hiatus from blogging, a lot has happened.  To me, which I discussed a little bit.  But, more importantly, to the world.

A lot of people have been killed for reasons that will never make sense to me.

People that were out for a night with their friends.  Police officers that were doing their jobs.  People that were going about their lives.

These are not new things that have happened.  They probably happen daily in places all over our world (I say our world to mean the United States – a world that I claim to love being a part of).  But there has been a lot of media attention about these things.

And it’s hard to make sense of it.  It’s hard to understand what’s going on when you don’t feel like you could ever be a part of it.  When it repulses you and makes you wonder how people could do these things.

It’s hard to make sense of it when you believe that people should be allowed to have guns if they want them – for protection, for hobby, for sport – but that there is no need for any average citizen (or anyone in their personal home) to have access to semiautomatic guns that have the ability to pulverize and kill multiple people in seconds.

It’s hard to make sense of things when the police are doing their jobs and African American men are trying to live their lives and hatred is surrounding everything in the world.

And the only thing that makes sense – when you are drowning in the sadness of your own life and drowning in the sadness that is surrounding the world – is to try to find joy.  Little joys.  One thing a day that brings you joy.

Lately, for me, that has meant one joy a day.  Focusing on one thing.  And it maybe hasn’t been the healthiest, but we have to focus on putting one step in front of the other.  And that is what I am focusing on right now.  One foot in front of the other.  Inching forward just a tiny bit at a time.  Trying to focus on joy.

Because focusing on joy and choosing joy is the one choice that we can make.  We don’t have control over the events that we are not a part of – even if we feel those events strongly.  and that is the thing to remember most.

So, remember: choose joy.  Because I really believe that the more we choose joy the more we will be kind to others and it is only kindness that will kill the hatred in the world.


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