Fly, Birdie, Fly

Have you ever watched a baby bird fly from the nest for the first time?

For years now, we have had robins build nests in our yard.  I love to watch as the mama comes and feeds her babies and I have always wanted the opportunity to watch them leave the nest for the first time.

And, the other day, I think I may have witnessed it.  (To be fair, it may not have been the first time – I don’t know if babies return to the nest for a period of time after they have left it for the first time)

It was both terrifying and exhilarating and something that I would love to be able to see again and be sure of what I have seen – documenting it more fully.

We had two nests in our yard this spring and I had gotten some pictures of one of them and I was sad to see that one day, the birds were just gone and I hadn’t seen any indication of them leaving.  It made me inexplicably sad.  More sad than it probably should have.

So, then, before heading to grab dinner one night, I headed up to the second nest, which had younger looking birds and saw that there were still some birds in there.

And then, all of a sudden, without any warning at all, I saw a bird fly.

It was a bit wild and uncontrolled and the bird flew right into a tree.  From there, it seemed to get stuck and I was so worried about it for a moment.  But it calmed down and stayed in the tree for a  bit.  I left before it moved again.  And, I’m not sure if I’ve seen it since or not.

To see that was a wonderful experience.  I was so glad to be able to see it and have the chance to really get to watch it leave for the first time and I couldn’t believe it.  I loved it so much.  And I definitely want to see it again.

And I was rooting for that bird the entire time!  The entire time.  I wanted it to succeed.

Have you ever watched birds grow in the nest?  How did you feel?  Do you root for them?


One thought on “Fly, Birdie, Fly

  1. There are so many different birds living near my house. I didn’t see any of these due to too much greenery, but their many-voiced morning singing is so wonderful that my first cup of coffee literally ‘sounds’ great! :)🐥

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