Country Music

I am a country music fan.  I rarely listen to anything but country and am only introduced to other music via country singers – usually.

I feel as if my country music listening is vast compared to some others.  I don’t necessarily discriminate between new and old country or if it’s too pop or rock.  Usually, if it has a good tune and the lyrics are good, I will enjoy it.

So, while I am country music fan, I do enjoy and listen to other genres and am not as strict or upset as some country fans about the state of country music these days.

All of that being said, my favorite band is Little Big Town.  They have been my favorite for some time now and I love their music.  They are the only people that I have paid for a VIP package to a concert and it was well worth it – worth more than I could imagine.

If you haven’t heard yet, Little Big Town has a new album coming out.  I’m really calling it more of a mini album as it is only has 8 songs.  But this is not a country album and they aren’t calling it a country album.

From what I read yesterday, it is an album that came about due to a friendship that sparked from a writing session.  It is a pop album with a more pop feel, but they are also working with the producer from their past couple albums on a new country album, which I am still anxiously awaiting as one of their new songs that they have done in concert is amazing and I want to have released.

This new album, called Wanderlust (isn’t it just the perfect name for this period – and seemingly this project which is a slight jaunt off the path they have been walking), was produced by Pharrell.  And the first single, “One Of Those Days”, is something that I needed to listen to twice because it’s different from what they’ve done in the past.

But I like it.  A lot.  It still has their harmonies and the message is wonderful and they are wonderful.  I’m so excited about this new music and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Now, you should listen to the single because it will have you dancing and wanting to sing along.

What do you think about this new song?  Are you a fan of Little Big Town?  What about Pharrell?  Make sure you mark your calendar for June 10th to pick up the whole collection!


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