Returning Again

I’m still sick.  But I do have something I want to ask about, muse about a little bit.

So, this probably won’t be very long, but it’s here and it’ll be worth it to get it out there and see what happens – and hopefully I’ll have some pictures later.

It’s about animals and homes and how it might – or might not – be like us.

For the past few years, we have had a robin that has built a nest and had it’s babies in our backyard.  This year, the ladder where they normally did this was not up on our garage.  But we do still have a robin’s nest in our basketball hoop (which is why it hasn’t gone out in the garbage yet).

I have a not so great cell phone picture of the bird in the nest, but hope to take a better picture with my actual camera.

I have always loved to watch the baby birds chirping and starting to spread their wings.  I have yet to see them leave the nest, but I think that would be a pretty cool thing to see.

I know that there are some animals that return to the same spot to lay eggs.  I just looked it up and I guess it’s called natal homing.  And I’m curious about this.

Why do they return to that spot?  Do they change spots if they are not successful or their offspring don’t live long lives?

And, how many of us are like this?  How many of us yearn to return home?  To lay roots where our roots came from?  And does it change based on how people feel about their homes – if they liked them, felt connected to them, etc.

Home is one of those things that can bring immense joy.  And it’s something that intrigues me greatly at the moment – something I’m interested in exploring more.

What do you think?  Do you have any stories about animals that you have seen return time and time again?  Have you returned back home or created a new home?


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