A Quick Check-In

I was absent on Friday.  It’s because family was in town because my older brother was getting married.

I will probably write more about this later (maybe), but it was good for me to take the day and spend it with my family and not worry about writing here.  And I just didn’t take the time to curate a list of Friday Loves.  I was going to post about loving spending time with my family, but I just didn’t.

I’m back to real life today.  And it’s one of those days where I wish that I had a real job because I could have taken a sick day.  I’m pretty stuffed up and having trouble hearing and breathing and would love to try and sleep all day, but I can’t.  So we’ll see.

But that’s all you’re getting today.  Because while I still came to school (because as I explained to someone else, when I don’t work, I don’t get paid), I am not feeling great.  So I am just writing this and then I’m going to go ahead and move on to something different.

A quick thought/question for today: What brings you joy?  Do you find joy hanging out with your family or other people that you are close with?  How do you make sure that you incorporate joy into your life?  (For example, I am still putting a message up here because this blog brings me joy, but I’m not stressing about it because I know that getting better will be important for me and stressing about this will not help me get better).

Have a great day, all!  Stay healthy!


2 thoughts on “A Quick Check-In

  1. Lately being back on the blogging train brings me great job (and also at times great stress) but hey — we suffer for our art, right!? Rest up — feel better soon!

    xo C

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