I don’t know how many of you know, but my life is about to be turned upside down.

My mom (who, yes, I still live with at 29) is moving.  I am not moving with her.  I have lived with her – in my hometown, in the house that I mostly grew up – since I graduated from college in 2009 (with the exception of a few summers when I worked and lived in the Rochester area).  So, that’s almost 6 years – in case you didn’t want to do the math.

For those same 6 years, I have been a substitute teacher at the same school district – a district that I attended since second grade and that has seen more changes in me than anyone or anything else.  It is time that I move on from them – and, unfortunately, also from teaching, I believe.

I know that change is hard.  I know that change is inevitable.  I know that change has to happen for improvements to happen.

These are things that I know.  But they are also things that I rebel against quite a bit.  (Kind of like how I know that eating right and exercising always makes me feel 100% better about myself, but I don’t exercise as much as I should and eat like crap a lot of the time).

So, in an effort to make things easier on myself during this time of upheaval and change (which I know is going to be hard, and I’m bracing myself for the challenge; but that I also believe will be life changing and really help me out), I am trying to simplify things in my life.  I am going to be taking a series of steps over the next month to simplify things – the things I have out and about around me, the things I use on a daily basis, the things I feel like I need to hold onto.

I am going to take a try at some minimalism and see how it suits me and if it is something that I think I might want to stick with and use on a regular basis.

I am also going to make myself a schedule – that’s right, a rigid schedule (which I sort of talked about here) – to follow on a daily basis.  I plan to include times of relaxation and other things so that I can really focus on doing the best that I can and being as productive as possible.

So, this week, you can expect the following from me (and feel free to shout and keep me accountable of these things).  Tomorrow, you will get an update on my resolutions and if I feel I need to streamline them so that I can make this simple thing work for me.  Wednesday, you will get a post about something I’m really excited to try out and make happen for me.  I think that it will be really great and I can’t wait to see what happens with it.  Thursday, I want to write about a new project I am starting – and ask you to join and be a part of it.  And Friday, as always, you will get my loves from the week.

I want to make my life work for me.  I think that I can make a better life for me if I just really focus on doing things instead of not doing things.  And that’s important to me.  So, I will.

And I hope that by simplifying key parts of my life, this will help a lot.

Have you ever tried simplifying things in your life?  Do you have any tips that I should start with when it comes to simplifying?  Any good things to think about and do when trying out minimalism for the first time?


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