Time’s Up

Time is a very tricky thing.

We want more of it.

We want less of it.

We want to pause it.

We want to rewind it.

We want to fast forward it.

We want to control it.

But it is the one thing that we can’t control.

Oftentimes, we will yearn to go to a different place in time.  To go back to simpler times or to fast forward through a time that is troublesome and trying.  There are even times when we wish that we could stop time, to press pause and stay in a moment forever.

But time means different things for different people.  I heard about a study one time when a marriage counselor had the couple they were counseling stand up and spin around.  One of them spun much faster than the other.  Their senses of time were different, which was why they were having arguments about being late.

Time is the hardest thing for us to understand and use.

But, I think that one of the most important things that we can teach ourselves – and help others learn – is the importance of time.  Because once you understand it to the best of your ability, you will be able to use it well.

How do you feel about time?  Do you yearn to go back or forward or pause time?  Do you ever wish that you could control time for your own uses?  When was a time recently that you wish that you could rewind time?


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