“Makeup” Your Mind (I Probably Never Will)

Last night, I was working with a student that had to come up with their own “should” question to write an essay on.  From there, the student had to do some research on that should question and find reputable, viable articles that could be used for the research.  Said student, will plan and write the essay.

This student was having an extremely hard time deciding what to write about, but came up with a great question.  And it’s a question that I’d like to talk about a little bit and discuss my thoughts on.

Her should question was: Should women wear makeup?  (To be fair, it was originally whether young teenagers should wear makeup or not, but there weren’t a lot of viable article options for this topic, so we broadened it a little bit)

Personally, I think women should do what they want.  In reading the articles that I skimmed to help the student find good quality articles, I caught glimpses of a few things that struck me as very true (at least for me).

First, when women see makeup as a chore, they don’t like wearing it.  I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t agree with this.  Makeup as a chore, as a necessity that society has placed on women is not fun at all.  If this is how women see makeup, they will eventually stop wearing it all together.

Second, when women use makeup as an asset, it can boost confidence – helping them fake it until they make it.  Makeup is not an evil thing that was created by men to demean women.  Many women use makeup as a way to express themselves and being able to do their makeup well and use it as a means of expression is something that they take pride in.  Plus, it boosts many women’s confidence in themselves.

Third, there is a such thing as too much makeup.  Some people will disagree with this, but most will find it true.  Even guys don’t like women that wear too much makeup.  Makeup is something that can be helpful, but if you’re wearing too much of it, it will look costumey and fake rather than something that accentuates your best features.

Personally, I have gone in cycles with makeup.  I will wear a full face of makeup for months, years at a time – seeing nothing wrong with it and enjoying wearing it and the confidence that it gives me.  Other times, I will go for months without wearing any makeup at all – if I’m lucky, I will slap on moisturizer that’s tinted before I head out the door.

For me, if I am going to wear makeup every day, it needs to be a quick routine that I can finish in minimal time.  I don’t have time in the morning to spend even an extra 20 minutes putting on makeup.  Being at school by 7:00 most mornings means that I – although I consider myself more of a morning bird than a night owl – just don’t have time to spend on lots of makeup.

I do enjoy using makeup though and expressing myself through this.  Plus, it does make me feel more confident when I take the time to apply it well.  Most of the time, on a daily basis, when I am wearing makeup, I put on foundation, blush, and mascara (maybe eye shadow if I’m feeling it).

How do you feel about makeup?  Do you wear it often?  Is it something that gives you confidence or something that you see as a chore?  What are your go-to makeup brands and looks?


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