What’s Your Favorite Sport?

My favorite sport ever since going to college has been hockey.  Up until that point – so for the majority of my life since I’ve only been out of college for a few years (I can still say that at this point, even if it’s getting to be more than a few years) – I didn’t watch much hockey, I didn’t go to any hockey games, I wasn’t really a hockey fan.

But, I promised myself that if I chose to go to Niagara University (which I did), I would give hockey a chance.

And I fell in love with it.

So, I became a Senators fan.  Because, despite the fact that I learned to love hockey at Niagara University where I was very close to Buffalo, I still felt an allegiance to my hometown – very close to Binghamton.  So I decided to cheer for the Senators as that was where they kept their farm team.

For the past three years, I have proudly been a season ticket holder for the Binghamton Senators and I love it.  I love knowing that I have something to do for many nights in the winter.  I love that I have a seat where I can go and watch the game from the same spot – every game.  I love that I have gotten to know the people around me and the people that support the team and work for the team.

It has been a great three years.

Tomorrow night is the final game of the season and I have not renewed my season tickets for next year.  Despite wanting to continue to go to hockey games on a regular basis, I don’t know where I might be next year and so I haven’t renewed my tickets.  And until I know more about what the future holds, I won’t renew them.

Yes, this season hasn’t been great.  But I still love my hockey and love my Senators.  And I will continue to support them no matter where I end up.  And that is enough for me.

So, a fond farewell to this season – we want it to be gone any way so that we can do better next season.  And continued success, with or without my absence, to my favorite sports team.

What is your favorite sport?  Have you ever had season tickets to a sport/team?  Do you feel loyalty to your sports team?


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