Life Happens

I had made a commitment to myself to begin writing again – a work of fiction, something that I would enjoy doing and that would make me happy and make me want to work harder at what I was doing.  But I have failed.

Well, I have stumbled.  And I plan to get back up again.

I was doing well with fitting in some writing time and had begun a story that I was excited about and that I thought could turn into something exciting.  It was a story that came to me from a writing prompt that I had used one day (because, don’t you love finding writing prompts and using them occasionally?!?).

But – as it does sometimes – life got in the way.

Last Thursday, I was all set to get a bunch of writing done.  I had home instruction, but the student was going to be writing an essay, so I knew I would have some spare time and would be able to get a little bit of writing squeezed in.  That didn’t happen.

The student didn’t show up, and a friend texted me.  I responded to the text and a conversation started that resulted in a job interview for me at the beginning of this week.

So, on Thursday, I didn’t write.  I didn’t write a single word.  On Friday, I didn’t write.  The teacher that I was a substitute for had me actually working (which I do enjoy, but I like when I have spare time when I’m doing this type of thing).  Friday afternoon/evening I was setting up for an EdCamp that I was helping with.  It was great.  It kept me busy and not as worried about things – as I tend to overthink things a bit too much.

Saturday morning, I had the EdCamp.  I really enjoy EdCamps and I wish that they were more prevalent and brought about more things that could be done with teachers.  They are a great way to interact with other teachers face-to-face and to learn about things that you find important and relevant to you.

Saturday afternoon/evening, I made my way to Syracuse for a concert.  A friend drove, and I probably could have written in the car, but my mind was rattling at a million miles an hour as I did some overthinking about my upcoming job interview.

The concert Saturday night was great, but it meant a late night and not a lot of sleep.  So after getting home Sunday morning, I took a nap (that was very badly needed) and then packed and drove to Rochester for my interview.

Needless to say, writing has taken a bit of a back burner.  And that makes me sad.

I am going to pick the slack back up though.  Today, I am going to plan to read the writing I have started.  I am going to write out some scenes that need to be written.  And then, I will choose at least one to write today.

And it will all work out the way that it needs to.  Because I know that it can.  And I will make it work out because I am able to.

Does life ever get in the way of your plans?  How was your weekend?  Any exciting things to share?


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