Less Is More

A few weeks ago, my favorite yogi posted a less is more video.  I loved it.  I loved the concept and I am embracing it as much as possible – because it really is a great skill to have.  (It’s actually that a little goes a long way, but it’s the same idea).

The past two days, I have practiced yoga in the morning before heading off to come into school.

The past two days, I have been greeted by a very beautiful, very subtle, very wonderful sunrise.  It wasn’t a smack you in the face and total overwhelm you kind of sunrise.  It was more of a you really need to be sure you’re noticing things to recognize how beautiful it is kind of sunrise.

And they were beautiful.  Yesterday, I tweeted that the sunrise had no business being so beautiful.  And I believe it.  And that’s okay.  It’s good even.

But all of these things have made me realize that I am a less is more kind of girl.

I like to get dolled up now and again, but for the most part, I go for comfort and nakedness (wearing little to no makeup, is what I mean by that) rather than loud and possibly uncomfortable.

I love to go to concerts, but if I had my way every concert that I went to would have a wonderfully long and beautiful acoustic set.  Because that is when the music and artist gets stripped down and connection to the audience happens more genuinely.  Acoustic sets are my absolute favorite and I love it.  Less is definitely way more here.

When I am hanging out with friends, less is definitely more.  Being an introvert, it’s so hard to hang out with big groups for a large period of time.  I would much rather go over to a friend’s house and hang out with just them or gather at a friend’s house of a more intimate party.

Overall, for me: less is more is better.

Do you agree with this?  Do you think less is more or would you rather have an all out extravaganza?  Any less is more stories that you would like to share?


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