Being Uncertain

[So, apparently, this never posted yesterday.  Computers can be so finnicky sometimes.  So I’ll post it today, and you just missed Tuesday, I guess.  More to come the rest of the week.]

Have you ever felt like the reason that you are floundering is because you want to do too much and you aren’t sure how to tackle it?

It’s almost the end of March and I have not really made any progress towards anything that I want – not really.

I am overwhelmed.

And while I am excited about the freedom that I have and the ability to change myself into something else – anything else that I want – I also find this a little bit paralyzing.

I want to write a book.

I want to put together a challenge pack that encourages people to keep in touch with friends and families (and maybe strangers, too?!?).

I want to travel the United States – and then maybe the world – to take photos and compile them into a photo book.

I want to provide for myself and look to start a family – which I refuse to do until I know that I am able to provide for them.

I want to visit friends and nurture my friendships.

I want to read and review books.

I want to lose weight and eat healthier.

There are so many things that I want to do that I have to be able to put together actionable steps.  I have said this before, but I haven’t made any progress towards it.

It is time to begin making progress.

It is time to begin applying to jobs – as I will be leaving my job at the end of the school year (or earlier if I get a job offer I can’t turn down).

It is time that I begin to get myself together and become a better adult (is anyone a good adult???).

It is time.

Time to embrace the uncertainty and to stop letting it paralyze me.  Because being paralyzed will only make me regret what I haven’t done and wonder what I could get done.  It’s time to embrace my choices and make some choices.  I can always make a different choice later.

How do you feel about uncertainty?  DO you embrace it and make whatever choice feels right or do you become paralyzed by what could become a mistake?  Any good advice that will help me right this very moment in making my choices and sticking to them?


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