5 Things to Learn from Syracuse

I’m not the biggest basketball fan.  In college, I would go to my university’s games (as long as they didn’t coincide with hockey games); but I’ve never been a huge fan.  I am much more of a hockey fan.

That being said, I do usually enjoy taking part in March Madness.  Usually, I will make a bracket (I didn’t this year) and I like to watch the games occasionally.  I like to see the underdogs win (who doesn’t?) and I love to watch the reactions of players and coaches when calls go their way or not.

Being from, and still living in, Upstate New York, I tend to pull for teams close by (again, everyone does this).  So, Syracuse has always been a big team to route for in these types of games.

And Syracuse has had quite the story so far this tournament.  And they are the underdog to route for as the tournament continues.

Regardless of what happens from here on out, here are 5 things that you can learn from Syracuse.

  1. Being number 1 isn’t everything.  Syracuse is seeded 10th in the tournament.  Some people say that they shouldn’t have even made it into the tournament at all.  They beat a #1 seed and have to play another #1 seed in the next round.  Being #1 isn’t everything.  In fact, where you are seeded isn’t nearly as important as how hard you are willing to work.
  2. The unexpected can happen.  As mentioned before, Syracuse being included in the tournament was controversial.  Some people think that they shouldn’t have even been given a chance.  And now, they are going to the Final Four – which people definitely didn’t expect.
  3. Sometimes, madness is a good thing.  This tournament is called March Madness for a reason.  Those unexpected things can happen and it really seems like madness when a 10 seed is still playing as one of the four teams left.  Madness is usually considered a bad thing, but it can be good sometimes.
  4. You might not always be in the lead.  For most of the game against Virginia, Syracuse was trailing.  They were not in the lead and they were not expected to win.  But they kept playing and they didn’t worry about how far behind they were.
  5. Never give up.  Not only was Syracuse down most of the game, they were down by 16 points at one time.  Despite this major deficit, the fact that they were seeded 10th in the tournament and weren’t expected to get this far, Syracuse kept playing and never gave up on their game.

The one that Syracuse has played thus far in this tournament is a great things for college sports and everyone that supports college athletics.  These are the feel good stories that people want to see and the wins that people want to happen.

All of these things are things that I need to remember in my own life – things that can apply to my life despite the fact that I have never played basketball other than in my backyard – where I got beat by my siblings every single time.

Have you watched any of the March Madness tournament?  Who are you rooting for now that the Final Four is in place?  What lessons would you add?



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