Friday Loves 03.25.16

I feel as if these loves are important to me.  They are a little gratuitous because I don’t think they’re the favorites of anyone but me, but I do love doing them and I hope they provide a good look into my life.

This “Before He Cheats” makeover.

This ad that I love – even if it has been rejected by some.  Let’s get it out there!

This wonderfulness – because everyone knows that Beauty and the Beast is the best Disney movie!

These great beauty tips.

This about consciousness instead of separation.

This radio show.

This (the actual piece of writing and the person doing the writing – be sure to check out more of her writing).

This city (and not just because it is the home of my sister right now, but because it really is beautiful).

This outfit I am thinking about trying out – opinions???

This 3 year old gymnast on the Ellen show (watch the video, she gives some really great advice!)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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