Chasing Happiness

Yesterday, I talked about the key to happiness.  And despite the fact that I know that I need to stop chasing happiness because it is a mood that will come back around, I still do.  But I think that another key to happiness is knowing what makes you happy – and then doing the things that make you happy instead of the things that don’t make you happy.

So, here are things that make me happy.  These are the things that I should be chasing and working to make more prevalent in my life, and let the other stuff just aid me in these things (because we all know that these things are not cheap and in order to be happy, you don’t need to be extravagantly wealthy, but you do need to be able to provide for yourself).

  • Yoga – doing a little bit each day.  Yoga makes me feel strong and calmer and makes me want to treat myself better.  And this always leads to more happiness.
  • Reading.  I go through spells with reading.  And, overall, I read more than the average person probably.  But I need to be sure that I am keeping reading a constant presence in my life.  It is a great escape that I love.
  • Writing.  I do pretty well with this.  But something that I need to work on is writing more fiction.  It is a dream of mine and I can’t make it a reality if I don’t start working on it more.
  • Being active.  This could be anything: going for a bike ride or hike with a friend or family member, jumping on a trampoline, playing a game of soccer, going for a walk, doing an exercise DVD.  When I am active, I am always happier because it is something that ups my endorphins and helps me be more fit.
  • Seeing my friends.  I am a homebody and need a lot of sleep.  I often sacrifice time with friends because I feel overwhelmed by thinking of having to go out and interact with others that aren’t my friends.  But almost 100% of the time, I feel better when I see my friends instead of staying by myself.  I need to remember this and make time for my friends while still giving myself the alone time that I need.
  • Cuddling.  I love to cuddle.  I love to feel as if someone loves me enough that they want me close to them.  Unfortunately, this can turn around very quickly because if I cuddle with someone that doesn’t really want to be cuddling with me, it isn’t as great.
  • Watching TV and movies.  I have shows that I like to watch and I love to watch movies.  I should allow myself to indulge here and not worry about it being unhealthy for me.  I am doing other things that are healthy for me – and this isn’t horrible at all.
  • Photography.  Photography is something that I really want to work on and make work better for me.  It’s something that I think I could be really good at and something that I really want to work on.  Slow and steady is best for me here, I think.
  • Experiences.  I am a huge country music fan and a huge hockey fan.  I go to numerous concerts a year and I also have had season tickets for the local hockey team for the past three years.  I need to remember that there are other experiences I like too and that if I want to do those, I need to spread my money over my experiences equally.  It’s hard, but it’s something that I need to make sure I do.
  • Eating well and junky and wonderfully.  I know that when I balance my eating better, I am happier.  I will never be the girl that doesn’t want to have ice cream, but I also know that eating healthier most of the time is not only better for me, but it also makes me feel better.  I need to remember this and not feel guilty about indulging when I am eating well most of the time.
  • Moderation.  For me, happiness comes when I take all things in moderation.  I, obviously, can’t do everything.  So I need to remember – everything in moderation.  Don’t spend too much time alone or with your friends, spend a bit of time with each.  Don’t eat the entire cake in one sitting instead eat a little bit at a time and make it last.  Don’t waste all of your money on something insignificant, instead spread it out on the things that really matter.

These are the things that I need to remember as I try to bring happiness to the forefront of my life.

What things make you happiest?  


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