A Peek Into My Life

I get a number of daily emails.  I get my horoscope because I like to read it.  Do I swear by it, no.  But I do love to read it and I do enjoy it.  Below is my horoscope for today:image

This is very true for me right now.  I am definitely all over the place.  I have been feeling pretty down, but I’m doing a lot better today and I’m really happy about that.  So I know that my feelings are disorganized and that I really need to sort them through and get some things out there.

The other emails that I receive are “a little bird told me” daily truth emails.  They are really great and uplifting messages.  And lately they have been very timely.  Below are the last three emails that I received.

First, Tuesday’s email:


This is a truth that everyone can hear at any time.  Because even when things are good, there are still hard things that are happening.

Next, Wednesday’s email:


This one is something that I have to really look at because I haven’t been putting myself in alignment.  I do it for a moment and then I fall off and I don’t do it any longer.  That’s not good and I really need to work on being better about it.

Finally, today’s email:

This is a good message, I feel because you can’t do the things that you want if you don’t take care of yourself.  And that’s something that we need to remember.  Even when it’s hard.

If you would like to sign up for a horoscope, you can go to any website and do it.  If you’re into it, it’s kind of fun to see.

If you want to sign up for “a little bird told me” emails, go here.

All of these are a good peek into my life right now because it really is a time of transition which is hard for everyone, but is especially hard for me right now as I try to figure out what is coming next.

Enjoy these emails and enjoy yourself!  It’s a good day!

Do you get daily emails?  If so what are they?  Do you like these emails and the messages that they are invoking?  Do you believe in horoscopes?



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