The Fascination of Crafted Relationships

I am fascinated by the relationships that people have with others.

That is a simple statement, but it’s also a very loaded statement.

And here’s what led me to realize this:

I just read a new book – Schism by Britt Holewinksi – and I realized something that I hadn’t realized before (despite having read numerous dystopian/future novels that I have enjoyed.

The reason that I have enjoyed so many dystopian novels is not the violence and disparity that tend to serve as a setting for the majority of the time, but rather the relationships that form between the characters because of this setting.

I am intrigued by what they would do for each other and how quickly they can form bonds.  I am fascinated by what drives them to make the decisions that they make.  I am often disturbed by the actions that they take – even if I know that it is the best (and sometimes only) thing that they can do.

I think the same can be said for my fascination with reality shows.

When I watch The Bachelor(ette), I not only love to watch the relationship unfold between the person looking for love and the people chosen to be on the show to find love, but I also love to watch them find relationships with each other.  It is actually one of the things that I think would be hardest about the whole process.

How do you fall for a guy that your friends are falling for?  And how do you create such strong friendships (as many seem to) when you are competing over something so huge?

It all just fascinates me and makes me wonder how I would act in a similar situation.

Look for a more formal review of Schism by early next week (possibly even tomorrow).

What are you reading?  Do you enjoy reading dystopian novels?  What is next on your to-be-read pile?  Are you fascinated by real/fabricated relationships (as the books I read are fiction and maybe the relationships on reality shows aren’t the most pure)?


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