Will You Please Take This Rose? (And Get It Out Of My Face!)

This post may contain incidental spoilers regarding last night’s final episode of The Bachelor (I do not reveal the winner, though!)

I believe in true love.  It might not always seem like it’s actually a real thing to me, but I believe in it.  I really do.  And, deep down, I know that someone is out there for me that I am meant to be with me and whose path will cross mine exactly when it is supposed to.  And it will be magical.

I also watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  (And I like it, usually).

Some people might say that these things are at odds with each other.

I don’t believe that.

I believe that finding love in unusual places is the beginning of a lot of love stories.  Finding love when you are looking for it is the beginning of many love stories.  And if you can’t fall in love in the situations you are placed in during the show, I don’t know what situations will help you fall in love.

That being said, I understand that it is a show and that it is produced to incite drama and get people to talk about it (and look, it works, I’m talking about it).

And I am very mad at the show right now.

I am happy that Ben is happy.  I would not want anyone to be unhappy – it’s not something I think I have ever wished on anyone (maybe a moment where they can see what other people are feeling or karma pays them a visit, but never unhappiness).

But I am mad.

My friend that I watch the show with feels the same was as I do.  The previews were produced in such a way that it seemed like one thing would happen and it didn’t.  Yes, I understand this is the premise of the show, but I’m just feeling annoyed by the production elements of it.

I am annoyed that the phone call was not what it seemed (is it ever?!?).

I am annoyed that Chris felt the need to tease a wedding (did anyone truly believe that a wedding was going to happen after the second time that the pastor was shown?).

I am annoyed that I feel annoyed.

Because I want to feel happy for Ben and his fiancee (and I do) and I want to feel happy for the new bachelorette (and I definitely do).

But I am annoyed.

A few seasons ago, I didn’t watch because the show seemed so overproduced and like it was not what it should be.  But I got sucked back in.  Because I am a hopeless romantic.

I don’t disagree that the viewers want the show to be exciting and they want the show to have drama – that is at least part of the reason that a lot of people watch.  But I disagree with the production of the previews of this last season.  And I don’t think that leaving that phone call out or being more honest about it would have deterred many people from watching.  I really don’t.

I guess I am conflicted (big surprise there!).

I am a sucker for a good love story.  For love to win out in the end and for there to be a happily ever after.  But, it shouldn’t come at the expense of a production that is just that – a production.

Tell the love story.  If there are two love stories, tell both of them.  But don’t ruin it with overproduction.

The love story is enough.

Are you a fan of The Bachelor(ette) franchise?  Do you watch?  Are you happy with the results?  Did you find Chris Harrison particularly obnoxious last night? (Maybe it was just my annoyance with everything else spilling over)


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