Friday Loves 03.04.16

This cheap, ingenious, and fun way to hang pictures!

This speech by a very deserving actor with a very great message.

These adorable kids talking about their crushes (we all know how they feel!)

This interesting take on becoming a best selling author.

This article on Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret.

These tips for making lasting changes.

This blog post about two very conflicting things that we all feel.

This about worrying and stopping worrying (maybe you’re not like me and don’t need this).

This about a college that looks at way more than just grades.

This music video from an amazing artist that sheds light on a couple of very important issues.

These debunked myths about yoga.

These great reasons to get yourself writing or help someone you love start writing.

These great things to think about when you realize you’re having toxic thoughts.

This post from a woman that knows how to be vulnerable and really help people see the other side of things (be sure to check out the comments as well!)

Enjoy these things and have a wonderful weekend!!


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