Stuck In A Rut

Being stuck in a rut is hard.

When you’re stuck in a rut – at least when I’m stuck in a rut – a series of dominoes start to fall.  And the dominoes aren’t great dominoes.  And getting unstuck from the rut is hard.  Harder than almost anything you’ve done.  So hard that it seems impossible at times.

When I get stuck in a rut some of the dominoes that fall are these:

  • My self worth.  I often feel that I’m not worth the things that I know I deserve.  It’s hard to remember.
  • I feel sluggish.  I get tired and I just want to sleep.  My sleep isn’t great and then I just want to sleep more.  Of course, the more I sleep, the more sluggish I feel.
  • I am unmotivated.  I am a great dreamer, but when I get stuck in a rut – all of those dreams seem impossible to manage because I see all of the pieces that need to fall into place and feel like I need to make them all happen immediately.
  • I get scared.  Being scared is normal, and I have to remember that – even when it seems like no one else has ever felt this way before.

Each of these things has easy enough things to work through to get where I’m at.

I know that sticking to a normal sleep schedule is something that everyone says that you should do – doctors, articles, my body.  These things don’t lie and I really need to remember that if I get a consistent amount of sleep on a regular basis, I will feel better and won’t feel as sluggish.  Exercise also helps with that.

Being motivated isn’t so much my problem as not letting my mind get ahead of where it should be.  The key – for me – here is to make sure that I break down my bigger goals into smaller tasks that I can work on.  When I do that and I start making steady – if also very slow – progress, I feel better and not as overwhelmed about things.   From there, my motivation kicks into high gear instead of disappearing.

Once I am working and motivated, I am not as scared.  I begin to feel better about myself and as if my self worth is back and I am worthy of the things that I am working towards.

Over the next few days (this weekend), I have a few tasks that I really need to complete.  First, I need to get my resume updated and ready to start sending out to jobs.  Second, I want to start planning my next creative writing piece.  I plan on watching a webinar tonight about writing a great first draft and then put some of that into action this weekend.  Finally, I’d like to get a list of jobs that I can apply to.

Tomorrow, I am going to post my Friday Loves.  Then, this weekend, I will start on these actionable tasks that I have outlined.  I would love for you to keep me accountable.  Another thing that I love about blogging is that I can ask this and I know I will have people asking me about these plans.

Feel free come Monday to ask about how I have done on my actionable tasks.  I have a busy weekend, but I plan to be productive as well.

What happens to you when you get stuck in a rut?  Will you help to hold me accountable?  What is your next big goal that you want to reach?  What small actionable tasks can you break it into so it’s a little less overwhelming?


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