Why Friendship is Important

Writing in this blog is a way for me to feel connected to people, to share my view with a wider world than just who I am in contact with on a daily or semi-daily basis.

But it’s also hard.

I think that anyone that holds a blog grapples with some of the same questions.  What is too much?  How often should I post?  What can I share?  What can’t I share?  Am I making sense?  Am I reaching anyone?  Is this really all worth it?

The answers to these questions differ for everyone.  But for me, it is worth it.

Sharing something difficult is hard, but it helps me (and hopefully might even help someone else).

That being said, it is still important to have contact other than just a blog.

I know that I have friends that read my blog.  Some of my siblings might read my blog.  Occasionally, colleagues read my blog.  My readership is not huge, but it is there.  And, for that, I am so grateful.

But I am just as grateful for my real life friends.  Because friends (both real and virtureal) are what make this world a better and easier place to be a part of.

Last Friday, I got a care package from one of my best friends.  The card was simple and wonderful.  The contents were thoughtful and a great pick me up.  She included: two books that I had loaned her, a book that she had just finished for book club that we had discussed (and is now on my to be read list), a quotables magnet with a wonderful quote on it, a pull apart Dr. Seuss notepad with quotes and pictures (that I can’t wait to start using), and a 4-pack of cider from her brother’s cidery.

It came at a great time.  February wasn’t a great month for me and I have been struggling with a lot.  But I know that I don’t have to struggle with our friendship because she is always there for me, no matter what.  And this care package is just one part of how I know that and what makes her such a wonderful friend.

On Monday, I met up with another friend.  We have a standing Monday evening date – to watch either The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars and catch up.  Because it is a standing date, we don’t mind when something comes up and we have to cancel occasionally.  February, we had a lot of things come up.  And this past Monday was the first time I saw her in February.

Instead of watching The Bachelor (and, no, I haven’t caught up yet, so no spoilers, please!), we talked.  We talked about her blog and some issues she has had with transferring them.  We talked about jobs and life and got ourselves caught up on what was going on with each other.  She is someone whose opinion and advice means a lot to me and someone that I know I am lucky to call a friend of mine.

These two wonderful signs of friendship were exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear and start working on the things I need to do.

Thank you to both of you (you know who you are).  Your friendship is valued more than you probably realize.

And thank you to you, my readers, for allowing me this space and validating that there is connection in these moments of transition where many things feel unsure and unsteady.  It does not go unnoticed.

Do you have any fun friend stories to share?


3 thoughts on “Why Friendship is Important

  1. I don’t have any stories to share but I’m glad I found this post. I’ve been struggling with friendship these days and I feel better knowing that other people actually do send out care packages. Great post and thank you for sharing.


    • I know it’s hard to hear when you’re going through a tough time (I know that I hate hearing it), but hold out. Sometimes friends don’t realize what a hard time we’re having if we don’t share – even though the sharing is hard. And friendship really is so much harder than I ever thought it could be – all relationships are.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m glad my story could shed some light.

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