Friday Loves 02.26.16

Although it hasn’t been anywhere near my most popular post, I really liked doing my Friday loves last week.  I plan to continue doing them every Friday – although they might get a little more specific when I finally come up with a content plan, which I hope to start sometime soon.  So, enjoy these loves of mine from the week.

This letter from Bill and Melinda Gates.

This advice about moving on from an abusive relationship.

This wonderful (and short!) blog about why we need to teach girls to be brave.

This album that I seem to return to over and over and over again (there is something for everyone and I relate to every. single. song.)

This interesting take on the tortured artist – and how people have responded to the original post.

These reasons to invest in some ankle boots.

Like these.

Or these.

Or these.

This author that stepped out of her comfort zone.  (Be sure to go and grab a copy of her new book).

This book that FINALLY arrived in the mail and I can’t wait to begin (I’m starting it today!)

These great looks to help you not shampoo your hair for a week – even if you’re sweating in the gym!

These great tips on what NOT to say to plus-sized women in the gym.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I’d love to hear what you’ll be up to!


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