Friday Loves 02.19.16

It has been a long week and I have been contemplating beginning these posts, so I will now.  One of my favorite bloggers/authors puts these posts up.  I love it because it makes me happy and it also gives me a glimpse into what they are liking at the moment.  So I have decided to take a page from her book and also do Friday Loves.

The point of this post is to show you things that I have read and loved or things that I have my eye on and might want to purchase or even things I just want you to know about.  Take a look at the links, comment on if you’ve heard about them or what to investigate more, and most importantly: enjoy!

My inaugural Friday Loves:

This stirring interview where Ronda Rousey opens up.

This not surprising news about a broken heart.

These stories about starting over that inspire me to have hope.

This dress that I got for a steal and plan to wear to my brother’s wedding.  (I should probably try it on soon)

This video of a young girl talking about love and breaking up.

These great tips about trying to give up sugar.  (Maybe I should give them a try…)

This wonderful post and ode to friendship.

These great pieces of advice.

This piece on waiting for the RIGHT love.

This book that I began reading and am devouring because I love it.  (Look for a full review next week sometime)

These twin outfits that make me smile so much.

This album which I have been listening to SO much and love more than I thought I would.

Have a great weekend all!


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