Friendship Lessons from Taylor Swift

I’d like to start this by saying that I have a love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift.  On the one hand, I love her music sometimes.  I jam out to it and I think a lot of the lyrics are genius.  On the other hand, I think that she is overplayed and I am country girl – so her latest album (although I love it and jam out to it) is one that I like, but would LOVE if it were done in the country format.

That being said, something that I really enjoy about Taylor (and that makes me want to be her best friend) is that she supports her friends in all that she does.  And that is a lesson that we can all learn.

A great example is this post about her friend, Ed (yes, Ed Sheeran).

Despite the fact that Taylor was in the same category as Ed for Song of the Year at The Grammy’s this year, she was genuinely excited about the fact that he won.  And the post that she posted yesterday wishing him a happy birthday was one that is full of genuine love and support and hope for his happiness.

So what specifically can we learn from Taylor Swift about friendship?

  1. Supporting your friends does not diminish or lessen your own achievements.   In fact, the opposite is true.  When you support your friends, you bring light to them and they want to support you as well.  There is enough room in this world for many great people and many great songs.  Don’t put your friends down, build them up.
  2. Supporting your friends will cause people to want to be like you and want to support you.  Seeing Taylor support Ed makes me want to support her (and Ed).  It makes me want to emulate this trait.  I want to support my friends in all that they do because it is a positive thing in this world where so many negative things are happening.
  3. Friendship is about connecting with the people, not pushing them away.  Despite the fact that Taylor and Ed no longer see each other every day, she still felt like she was able to post this immensely personal and congratulatory message to him on social media.  She connected with him and has stayed connected to him in such a way that this seemed right and easy.  A lot of us will lose friendships because we push people away – they have achieved something we haven’t/something we wanted/something we didn’t even know we wanted, they aren’t living close to us any more, or we got angry over something petty.  If, instead of these things happening, we built support for our friends, like Taylor, our friendships would be stronger.

Maybe you disagree with my assessment of this – and I have obviously only seen the public side of this – but I think that it’s important to look at this as a learning opportunity.

The takeaway here: Support your friends.  It will make them happier and it will make you happier.

How do you support your friends?  Do you have any special stories like this one?  What are some other things we can take away from Taylor and her friendships?


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