5 Things Not To Do on Valentine’s Day

I have talked about Valentine’s Day quite a bit this week – because Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and I haven’t quite gotten a content schedule going.  So, today, I want to talk a little bit more about Valentine’s Day.  On Monday, I will continue a little bit on this theme while tying it into mental wellness.

So, here are 5 things that you should NOT do on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Throw Yourself a Pity Party.  Whether you’re in a great relationship, a horrible relationship, or not in a relationship at all, Valentine’s Day is not the day to throw yourself a pity party.  Everything seems worse when you’re supposed to be celebrating love.  (Spoiler alert: It’s not worse, it just seems that way)
  2. Go on a first date.  First dates are hard and awkward enough.  Don’t got on a first date on Valentine’s Day where you have the added pressure of thinking that it would be so meet cute to have a first date on Valentine’s Day or a great time to start your story.  Leave your first date for another time.
  3. Eat a whole box of chocolate.  Sure, it might taste good and seem like a good idea at the time (trust me, I am so guilty of this at times), but it’s not.  If you eat an entire box of chocolate, you will just feel icky and gross.  Help yourself to some of the box of chocolate, but don’t eat all of it at once.  Plus, this will make it last longer.
  4. Judge your life based on people’s lives shown on social media.  It is Valentine’s Day.  People do celebrate Valentine’s Day.  They celebrate their love for each other and their love for themselves.  Don’t get mad because a friend wants to share her amazing day.  Don’t get mad because a celebrity did something so amazing that you can’t even wrap your head around it.  Their highlight reel is not something you should EVER compare your life to, but especially on Valentine’s Day.  (Hint: If you know this will be a problem, avoid social media all together)
  5. Say no to something that could be amazing.  All rules are meant to be broken and if you know that something sounds amazing, don’t say no.  Don’t say no to the person you’ve been talking to that has finally decided to ask you out.  Don’t say no to a group hangout with friends that you know are coupled and might make you feel lonely.  Don’t say no to an opportunity that you think might make you feel bad because it’s Valentine’s Day.  Instead, say yes and see what happens!  (This also goes for your entire life as well)

That being said, everyone have an amazing Valentine’s Day and if you’re involved with the disgustingly ridiculous cold that has decided to make an appearance after staying away all winter, stay warm!

Would you add anything to this list?  What would you say that you could do?  What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


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