Valentine’s Day Commercialization

Regardless of your thoughts about Valentine’s Day and it being celebrated, I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day has become extremely commercialized.

A holiday that is supposed to honor and celebrate love (as is my understanding of it), shouldn’t cause people to feel that they are unhappy or unable to acknowledge the day.   And I believe that this has happened because of the commercialization of the holiday.

Now, while I can understand trying to jump onto something that will allow you to earn money, I also think that a holiday such as this is one that should not be commercialized in any way.

So here are 3 ways that you can enjoy the holiday without buying into the commercialization of it.

  1. Make your own Valentine’s cards.  If you plan to send out Valentine’s for friends or coworkers, make your own card instead of buying a card that may be overpriced because it is meant specifically for Valentine’s Day.  Looking for cheap, store options?  Go to the Dollar Store.  They have great cards and won’t break the bank!
  2. Do not feel pressure to buy a certain gift.  People in relationships often feel the most pressure when it comes to Valentine’s Day (despite what single people might believe).  Don’t feel as if you need to purchase your significant other flowers, jewelry (especially something as serious as an engagement ring), or any other commercialized gift.  Instead, figure out where you are and what’s appropriate – if any gift is appropriate at all.  Then, buy that.  Or don’t buy anything and celebrate in your own way.
  3. Celebrate on a day other than Valentine’s Day.  Just because Valentine’s Day is on the 14th, doesn’t mean you have to celebrate on that day.  If you want to still celebrate this day, celebrate it on a different day.  How often do we celebrate our birthdays on the weekend even though it happens in the middle of the week?  Instead of paying prices that have been inflated because of Valentine’s Day being so commercialized, celebrate early or celebrate late.  It will cut your costs in half.

I believe that if you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it should really show your love for the person, not just you buying into a holiday that you might not enjoy very much.

So, take the tips I have offered or come up with your own way to beat the commercialization.  And if you know a small business that is trying to capitalize, support them instead of the big corporations that might have helped to make this holiday into something that some people can’t stand.

Will you be participating in any special Valentine’s Day activities?  Do you think that Valentine’s Day has become too commercial?


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