Expertly Elise: A Dream and A Plan

I began this blog 6 years ago.

6 years is quite a length of time.  It’s not super significant, but it’s a big chunk of time.  A chunk of time that is pretty substantial to me at this point in my life.

I started it as an ode to what I thought would be a new journey and I called it “Dance in the Rain”.  That journey did not happen, and I did my best to embrace that mantra.  I am still doing my best to embrace it.

Somewhere a few years ago, I changed the title (but not the web address) to Excitement and Extraction from Elise.  I was still blogging, but I wasn’t blogging about the journey I thought I would be in.  I was, essentially, blogging about me.

This new year, one of my resolutions is: Start and keep a new blog (Expertly Elise).

I was going to begin a whole new blog, erase what I had done previously, make it as if it didn’t exist.  Instead, I chose to change the name of my blog and start blogging again.  I didn’t want to lose what I had already done and it was still a part of me.  This would allow me to keep the followers that I had and gain new followers as I begin a new blogging adventure.

In order to do that, I have made some pages invisible – because they badly need updating.  My “About Me” page was still about my original journey from my “Dance in the Rain” blog.  It was about me, but it wasn’t about the present me.  My 365 Photos in 365 Days was old and needs to be deleted or moved to another site so that I have more storage for this current blog.  And my “30 Before 30” was okay, but not great.  I am revamping that as part of a new years resolution as well (stayed tuned tomorrow for more on that!).

But this blog, this new iteration of me and about me is something I am extremely excited about.

I decided to call this blog Expertly Elise because – as my tag says – I really am only an expert on myself.  I can’t claim to be an expert on anything else, even the things I might want to be an expert in.  And I don’t want to be.  I want to get to know me: what’s important to me, how I can help others, what will make me happiest at the most times.  And blogging is part of that.

I am hoping that this Expertly Elise brand that I am building – of myself, for myself, about myself – is something that will expand to other parts of my life.  I want to make a logo for this blog – something that will be about me and for me and make things happen that will be important to me.

My hopes and dreams for this blog are vast.

I want to make a difference – even if only in one person’s life.  I truly believe that feeling less alone really makes people happier and healthier.  And if my story can connect with even one person, it makes me happy.

I want to establish myself as a photographer and writer.  These are hobbies that I hope to become better at and work harder at in this coming year.

I am hoping to start adding images that I have taken to posts and have posts about photography and my process.

I want to share writing: both my own and tips that I have found helpful for writing here.

I want to be able to take stories and touch people with them.

So, this blog is a blog about me.  It will change and grow with me.  I am going to do my best to post 5-6 days a week.  Please, comment and share (it would make me so happy) and I will look into what you have to say or your own blog in return.

Follow along on this journey as you learn about me, about yourself, and about this crazy world we are all so happy to call home and live in.

Thank you for welcoming me into your world and I’m so glad to have you in mine.

tl;dr: My plan is to get this new iteration of my blog, Expertly Elise, up and running (posting 5-6 times a week).  My dream is to have this blog build a brand for me and to help people feel less alone and more connected through me.


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