A Long Overdue Update

It has been a long time, guys.  I only apologize a little bit.  Because a lot has happened and I have neglected this, but I have learned some very important things about myself.

This summer was a hard one for me.  I was struggling with the fact that I hadn’t gotten a job that I desperately wanted.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to make ends meet in the coming year – if I should get a new job, if I should move someplace new, if I would be able to make it.  I was still dealing with a broken heart – a broken heart that should have healed long ago.

All that to say that a lot has happened, but maybe if I’d been writing here, it would have made a difference.  It’s hard to know now because I wasn’t and that time is up.  But I would like to start writing more.  The thing is, I’m not sure that this is the ideal place for me to be writing any more.

I have a lot of new projects I’d like to work on – and I’m going to be working on them now.  And I will write more about them later.  We’ll see how it all goes.

I’m rambling because I’m not sure what to say.  It’s been hard.  I would like to update you on the following things in future blog posts – blog posts that might be posted twice places because I think that it might be time to move on from this space.  But here’s what I want to tell you about:

My plans for my life.  I have three big projects I want to work on for financial means (NaNoWriMo, a 52 week contact challenge, and photography) and I need to look into getting myself a job that isn’t subbing that would really make it possible for me to head off on my own finally.  I want to update you on the heartbreak that has defined me for too long – but that continues to define me (through my own stupidity mostly).  I want to talk about teaching and education and where I see myself going with all of that.  It’s a hard path to be in right now – especially for me, but it’s something I have to talk about – or I feel like I should talk about.  And I want to talk about life moving on from this part of my life.  I have a few different courses that I bought online that I really want to start delving into, but it’s been hard and I really need to just start working and really chip away at things.

So, a little rambling. But here it all is.  My life is still figuring itself out.  I will post again soon – and more often – and let you know where you can find me shortly and as I figure it out.

How have your lives been?  Anything new happening?  Working to move on from anything?


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