Wild Ones: A Review of Kip Moore’s New Album

Good artists, writers, creators make you feel what they are feeling while allowing you to access your own memories in relation to their works.  Kip Moore does this perfectly on his new album.  And coming from a fairly straight laced, slightly type A girl (yes, at 28, I still refer to myself as a girl) this means something great as I have had people amazed that I like country music.  I even told my sister that I thought she would be surprised that I liked Kip as much as I did (I’m trying to convince her that she should go with me to his show in Pittsburgh if I go down for it).

WIthout further ado, the 3 best things about the new Kip Moore album, Wild Ones.

It’s here.  After 3 long years, countless release dates, and a whole album that was basically scrapped in its entirety, Kip’s sophomore album is finally here.  Fans eagerly awaited it and nothing better can be said than the fact that it was finally released because fans had been anxiously awaiting new music and to have the music they’d been hearing him perform for a while.

The fan reaction.  The fan base that Kip has built up (and as a fan, I just feel like I can call him Kip) is one that is super supportive and wants him to succeed.  It’s a group that aren’t afraid to fight for him and support him through concert tickets, album purchases, and countless social media support.  Below is just a taste of how the fans felt about the album as soon as it was released.


The music.  Last, but certainly not least, is the music itself.  As shown by the fan reaction, this music is amazing.  And, as I alluded to at the beginning of this post, something that anyone can connect to – even someone that might not seem like the “typical” fan.  There is not a song that I don’t personally connect to in some way.  From the upbeat and make you want to dance What Ya Got On Tonight to the slower and much more meaningful Comeback Kid.  Wild Ones makes me want to go out and just have a good time, not worry about anything at all.  Come and Get it, Girl of Summer, Magic, Heart’s Desire, Complicated, Backseat, and Burn the Whole World Down all make me think of a specific relationship of mine – although all are written from a male point of view.  That Was Us is a standout track that will take you back to any situation in your life – literally anything.  Lipstick is an ode to the fans, something that I know I appreciate and also something I can appreciate having done a small amount of traveling that has taken me from the people that I love and want to be near.  I’m to Blame, That’s Alright With Me, and What I Do are all songs that make you feel like you’re just fine the way you are and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

This album is something fans have been waiting for and are very grateful to have in their hands.  It is an album that doesn’t compromise for what’s “popular” today, but instead focuses on the best way to tell the story that it needed to.  Diverse, but sonically sound and united, it has something for everyone and every track is a must listen.

If you haven’t yet, go check it out.  Standout tracks for me change, but after my first full listen through I chose the following: That Was Us, Heart’s Desire, Running For You, Comeback Kid, Burn The Whole World Down

What are you waiting for?  Go get the album, listen to it, and then tell me your favorites!  If you’re not sure, you can listen on Spotify and then go buy it!


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