The Energy Bus!

Back in February, I was given a friend’s Nook so I could read a book that she wanted me to read.  It was easier to do it that way since she was reading on her phone and we didn’t want to mess with the Lend Me feature just yet.  I finally read this book yesterday.

It was a good book.  It was a book that I probably needed to read.  It was a book that seemed very common sense to me – but was still good to read and something that I needed at this time.

You see, when I was a kid I was always told that I had a pretty smile.  I smiled a lot as a kid.  I was very optimistic (I even got class optimist as a senior in high school).

Lately, I haven’t felt that way.  I haven’t been smiling as much and while I am still an optimist at heart, I feel like I’ve become very jaded and let reality bring me down a little bit.  And I shouldn’t.

Because, although I cannot control what has happened, I can control my reaction and I need to start having positive reactions again.  Even when it’s hard.  Especially when it’s hard.

And that is basically the premise of the book: The Energy Bus.

The book dissects 10 rules of life (for work, love, family, ANYTHING!) to make the most of everything.

It basically boils down to the following: You are the driver of your bus and you control the energy that is on your bus (and if you can’t control it and they’re being negative, kick them off your bus!)

It’s something that I’ve always followed as a philosophy but have been finding very hard to practice lately.  But I’m going to start following it again.  I need to remember to be grateful and to be positive about the things that are happening to me so that I can be the driver of my bus and I can move it in the direction that I want to go in.

Do you need help being more positive?  Have you ever fallen into a slump that made you feel like you weren’t yourself?  Have you read The Energy Bus?  I highly recommend it to anyone that is feeling down about things!


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