A Rant For Little Big Town

I don’t often like to rant here on the blog (or in life, if I can help it).  [side note: I’d like to think that this is true, but I do tend to vent quite a lot: the difference – there isn’t much of one].  If you know me at all, you know that I love Little Big Town.  I became a very big fan of them in 2006 when they came to Niagara University and I have loved them ever since – seeing them multiple times (and splurging on the meet and greet package for their Painkiller Tour this summer – which I can’t wait for!).

I, obviously, have their latest album, Painkiller.  I think that it is a wonderful collection and that they have done another wonderful job on the music that they have produced for the world to hear.  It’s an album that takes the listener on a journey and through all of the highs and lows of life.  All of the songs are great, but I want to talk about one song in particular.

The song that I want to talk about is Girl Crush.  This is a brilliant lyric and the performance is amazing by the band.  It is a song that I loved as soon as I listened to it and something that puts a new spin on a topic that a lot of people have talked about and that could have seemed tired.  But it doesn’t with this song.

I’m talking about this song because this article came out about it today.  I’d be unhappy if Little Big Town were being pulled from any radio station, but for them to be pulled from stations for this song, is not okay in even the slightest.

In case you didn’t read the article (or it was too long): Little Big Town’s song is being pulled from stations because people are saying that it has lesbian undertones or promotes the gay agenda.

First of all, that shouldn’t be a reason to pull a song from the radio.  At a time when the world seems more diverse than ever and people have more contact than ever before, we have to be more accepting of all things – even the things that may have seemed unacceptable before.

Second, if people really believe that is what the song is about, they are not listening to the song lyrics like they should be.  These lyrics are brilliant and it is a song that I wish that I could have written.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, you should go listen to it here.

What do you think of the song Girl Crush?  Do you love Little Big Town?  What is your favorite band?  Do you feel the need to stand up for your favorite band?


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