Blog Status Update

I have been thinking a lot about this blog and what it is and what I want it to be and how I can use it to really help me further myself and grow who I am while being true to myself.  I am a firm believer that you can’t plan things – you have to let things come organically and you have to allow yourself to go off the beaten path sometimes.

That being said, I enjoy having structure and routine in my life.  I enjoy when I have a job and a schedule that keeps me busy and moving – as opposed to the unstructure of a lot of the my days lately.

So, for this blog, I want some structure while allowing myself time to explore and find what works best for me.

So, beginning next month (that’s April), I am going to be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (possibly with the occasional post on some other day – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday…it’s my blog, nothing is off limits).  My Friday posts are going to be monthly series.  I have chosen four topics that are very important to me that I will write about once a month.  Those four topics are: books, music, loves, journal entries.

For books, I will write about a book that I have read recently or love or want others to read or think is really important.  I will visit new books and revisit old books that I love.  I am excited about this because I am hoping to bring some new energy to my writing by sharing books and writing that I love.

For music, I will write about an artist that I love, a song that I love, or an album that I am really into.  Music has always been a big part of who I am and I really love that I am going to be able to share things that happen to me within music (the message a song shares with me, a concert I was able to attend, an artist I want to get more exposure – even if just on my humble, little blog).  I think this will be really great.

For loves, I am going to put a series of links of things that I love.  I am stealing this idea from a blog that I love, but I’m really excited about it because it gives me a chance to give a snapshot of things that I’m loving (food, books, shows, movies, clothes, etc.).  Because it’s a monthly list, I think I will probably have to limit what I share, but I’m very excited about beginning this tradition and sharing things I love or hope for.

For journal entries, I am going to put excerpts from my journal writing.  For a long time, I’ve journaled on paper – writing with a pen, but I type so much faster and I have used the site for quite some time to do my journaling.  And every month (much like another blog that I love), I am going to share excerpts from these writings.  I think it will give a glimpse into my life that is very real – sad moments, proud moments, good moments.  I really think sharing these things will help me connect with people.

And, since there is sometimes a fifth Friday, that will be focused on a creation project and something I’ve created – a scarf, a drawing (um, doodle, really), a writing project, a DIY something that I have committed to and tried and really loved.

I think this is going to be really great and I’m really excited about doing this with my blog.  Really excited and I can’t wait for it to start!

And because today is International Happiness Day, you should go enjoy this dose of happiness!  Have a great day and a great weekend everyone!


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