If I Won The Lottery

I may have written an entry about this before, I’m not entirely sure; but even so, I’m writing it again if I have.

I told you earlier this week that I did not want to own an inn.  That’s true, but the bigger truth is that I don’t want to waste $125 because I couldn’t win the competition.  And, even if I did win the competition, I don’t have any idea how to run an inn.

So, if I don’t want to own an inn, what do I want to do?

If I had total financial freedom, what would I choose to fill my time with?

It used to be that I wanted to fill my time by teaching.  It was the only thing that I had wanted to do and I thought that I was good at it.  I’ve been having second thoughts about it lately – on and off for the past five plus years, honestly.  And it’s really gotten me thinking.

If I won the lottery, what would I do?

I would travel.  I would visit friends and family around the country.  I would make sure that I got to all 50 states that I want to see before I turn 30.

As I was traveling, I would be writing.  I would be writing stories about what I was doing and the characters in my brain.  I would write a complete novel (or two or three or more).  I would get this novel published.

As I was traveling, I would be taking pictures – of the beautiful sights all around this country, of the friends that I have gone to see, of myself in these many different places.

As I was traveling, I would ride my bike in places that I never would have imagined I could ride and I would hike in places that I have only imagined being able to see.

I can’t imagine having this kind of freedom right now, but I am making the best of my situation.

What would you do if you won the lottery?  Would you continue doing what you’re doing now?  Would you be doing something totally different?  Do you have a dream job that is waiting for you to take action?  Think about it and let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “If I Won The Lottery

  1. if I won the lottery, I would write out a check for one million dollars and have it hand delivered by limo to my muse. The rest would be commentary…


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