Journey Back To Healthy

When I was little, I was really little – like people joked that I was half a person (the context of the joke actually wasn’t meant to be rude or anything like that), but it was who I was.  Or a part of who I was.

In high school, I started to gain some weight, but I still didn’t feel huge by any means.  In college, I lost weight and then I gained weight and then I gained some more weight.  I lost some weight, I gained some more.  My yo-yo weight loss/weight gain began.

A few years ago, I felt huge.  I felt unhealthy.  I wanted to get healthy.  So, I committed myself to it.  I got an elliptical off of Craigslist and I would use it for 45 minutes to (up to) 2 hours on any given day.  I did some gentle yoga.  I tracked what I ate and did my best to use portion control – so I only ate one serving of gold fish or crackers or the like instead of eating as many as I wanted.  I wasn’t perfect, but I was working hard.

And it worked.  I lost the weight.  I felt really good about myself.  I was, by no means, tiny.  I wouldn’t even have considered myself small.  But I was happy with where I was.  I didn’t feel like I was carrying around a huge weight on my back (or in my belly or anywhere else).  I had done a good job.

Since 2012, when I lost that weight, I have steadily been gaining weight again.  I have gained over 30 pounds from when I stopped (and that was still 5 pounds from my goal weight).

It is time to journey back to healthy – and in a lifestyle change kind of way.

In the middle of February I started a 30 days of Yoga challenge with Adriene.  The series is on YouTube and I love it.  It is putting me back into yoga in a gentle way.  When I was losing the weight I lost in 2012, I loved doing yoga.  I could see myself get more flexible with an almost daily practice (at home) and it made me feel good about myself (even when I was at my heavy weight then).

I completed day 13 of the 30 day challenge this morning, and I do feel good about myself.  I am not nearly as flexible as I once was and that can be discouraging, but I have gotten more flexible in the last 13 days and I know that if I want to lose weight and then keep it off, I need to make sure that yoga is a staple for me.

This past summer, I (with the help of my dad) bought a bicycle.  I hadn’t ridden a bike in a very long time, but I am excited for the weather to get warm again so that I can hopefully start riding outside.  It is great cardio and I am grateful that I had the money (and assistance) to make this happen.  It will probably be my main form of cardio (and I’m going to get some inside rides done – thanks to my brother’s trainer) this go round.

I need to get healthy again.  I’m not healthy.  I don’t feel good about myself, I don’t feel happy with myself, and I’m constantly tired.  I know that losing this excess weight will help me.  And I hope that with the weight I shed, I also shed a lot of the metaphorical weight that I have been dragging around and find a way to be happier and healthier.

I know that I can do this.  I have done it before.  I did not use any special program: I just tracked my exercise, my food, my mood.  And I lost the weight.  I can do this again – and I will, even if it’s harder this time than it was last time.

I am very focused and it is a priority for me over the next few months (and then some).

Do you have any advice for me?  Do you suffer from this yoyo weight loss/gain cycle that many people suffer from?  Words of encouragement?  Share your story if you find movement and that it makes you feel good.


2 thoughts on “Journey Back To Healthy

  1. Hello there! I don’t have experience of yoyo weight but I did want to offer some encouragement – from one yogini to another. Not that you sound as though you need it! You CAN do this! Just one step at a time, and it all adds up. Have faith in yourself. I wish you the best! x


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