Why We Need The Arts

Last night, like many people, I watched The Oscars.  And, while I didn’t make it through the entire show because I had to be up early for work this morning and I was tired, I enjoyed it.  And I’m glad that it was on and it proved so much to me.  And here are the reasons that we need the arts – books, music, and (of course) movies.

First, the people that enter into the arts are people that have struggled and have something to say.  Have you ever seen so many people so grateful for the opportunity to get up and say what they need to say to the world?  Have you ever seen so many people thank the others that were involved in helping them succeed in such a public way?  Have you ever felt so inspired to be the person that you have always wanted to be?

Second, the movies that are being made and being recognized are movies that are helping to tell truths that need to be told.  They are telling universal truths, but the types of universal truths are most people think apply just to them.  Even if people don’t love the movies, I can guarantee that there wasn’t one movie that didn’t touch someone and help them feel better about their lives.

Third, the people that interviewed these actors, actresses, directors, singers, and real people were focused on their work and the impact that they wanted to make.  I love the #AskHerMore campaign that got started.  Yes, the dresses are gorgeous and they give us something to talk about – but these people are here for a reason and they chose to take part in specific projects for specific reasons – ask about that as well!  There is so much more to them than just their beautiful dresses.

Finally, and in closing, movies are an escape from reality and a tribute to the truths that make this world go round.  I love movies (and books and music and theatre).  I love to take myself out of my life and put myself in someone else’s shoes.  I can do this through the movies I watch – many of them movies that are not given awards or recognized and through the books I read.

I’m trying to be better about keeping track of the movies that I watch and see – and I think that this year, I will try to keep better tabs on this and maybe create my own awards for movies that I love.


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