Taylor Swift’s BFF

Have you read this article about Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss?  Let me tell you something.  It makes me so jealous!  It makes me want to be best friends with both Taylor and Karlie (and I don’t really know anything about Karlie at all – not that I know anything about Taylor, I just like to think that I sort of know her from her songs and social media accounts and articles and such).  I digress.  They are BFFs and they show their friendship in this article and it just makes me insanely jealous.

First, can we talk about how beautiful both of these girls are?  I mean, hello gorgeousness!  While I would never want to look like either of them (I have embraced and love my shortness – and boy would I look short next to these two, especially since I wear heels .01% of my life nowadays), they are both insanely gorgeous.

Second, they are both super talented.  I don’t particularly care how you feel about either of their pursuits, but look at them.  They are talented and they are successful.  Both have risen to the top of their fields and are able to pick and choose projects they would like to do (like sending presents to fans or creating a cookie business).  I wish I had just an iota of their talent and success.

Third, they are both fun!  Have you looked at the pictures?  Sure they’re artsy and they were taken by a professional photographer and one of them is a professional model, but really look.  They look like they’re having a blast!  And they bring out the best in each other.

So, I’m just going to go ahead and say it.  I want to be besties with T-Swizzy (that’s my nickname for her).  I want to cook dinner with her and find presents for fans and travel around the world documenting my crazy travels.

Mainly, I want to be successful enough and creative enough for her to consider me someone that she would surround herself with because it is very clear that she has only surrounded herself with the most creative and the most successful people for some time now.  And it has brought out the very best in her.

Any celebs you want to be best friends with?  Do you agree that this BFFship makes you jealous?  What do you like most about these two people?  About their friendship?  Let’s get talking people!


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