A Little Bit of an Idea

Here’s the thing: I have a lot that I want to accomplish this year.  One of those things is that I want to write more: for me and for others (journaling online, journaling not online, blogging, fiction, poetry etc.)

That brings me to this space.

I started this space (and came up with the name) because I was sure that I was going to be accepted in CityYear and that I’d be moving to Seattle.  I was not accepted.  I did not move.  This blog – that was supposed to follow my journey that year and possibly transform into something more – has become a blog that has been haphazardly upheld.  I didn’t blog that journey (because it didn’t happen) and I haven’t kept this blog up like I should.

That being said – I want to create a blog that will be more geared towards me, both the design and the content.  That is going to take some time.  During that time, I would like to start blogging here again and writing about things that matter to me.

With this entry, I’d like to write a little bit about me: things that I care about, things you may or may not know, things I want to write about, things I want to accomplish.

Put simply, I am a simple girl.  I have dreams and goals that I want to accomplish, but I’m not always sure how to go about that.  I love to read and write (for myself and for others).  I like to sing.  I love hockey and country music.  I consider myself an intellectual and love to learn new things, but I can enjoy a “guilty pleasure” with the best of them (I love Hallmark movies and The Bachelor and can get sucked into almost any TV show if I sit in front of it).  I want to be more physically fit in a more consistent way.  I love to create crafts (recently, I’ve gotten into yarn).  I’d like to do more with photography.

Basically, like so many of you, there are many facets to my personality.

Right now, I am a substitute teacher.  It has been my dream since being a little girl to be a teacher, but I’m beginning to think that this dream might need to change (for a whole lot of reasons).  Right now, I am still living at home with my mom despite being 27 years old and not wanting to (nothing against you, Mom – just want to grow up and be an adult!).  Right now, I feel more lost than I ever have.

Some upcoming blog entries that you can possibly expect from me: The Bachelor, Why We Should Rid The Phrase “Guilty Pleasure” From Our Vocabulary, Dreams Deferred and Denied, New Possibilities, A review of the book “Wild”, – and many more!  Keep up with me.  I’ll start by posting at least one entry a week and then go up to two entries a week and go from there.

I’m excited to turn this around.  Let’s see if I can commit and make it happen the way that I want to!


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