Another NaNo Update

It’s November 25th.  My brother’s birthday.  The day that you used to start being able to validate your words and win NaNoWriMo (it was 5 days ago that you could start this year, a date that put pressure on me to really get moving and write more).  It is also a day where I have always been able to validate my novel because I have always had my 50,000 words (and then some, usually).

I don’t have 50,000 words…yet.

But I will get there.  And I am so much closer than I have been yet.  And I’m excited to continue with this story for the rest of this month and maybe into next month.  Because while I am close to the 50,000 words, I think I’m just getting into the story.  And I want to make it a wonderful story.

But I also want to start reading again – which I haven’t been doing.  And this story might be abandoned at the end of the month, to plan a story that would be better and more important to me.  I might revisit this story sometime later…maybe.  I might just let it lay there for nothing.  I don’t know.

But, I wanted to update.  And I have.  I am on the road to 50,000 words and hope to get there by tomorrow afternoon and validate.  I am going to write a little bit more and then I have things to do tonight.


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