End of October/Beginning of November Update

So, I said that I would keep updated about my trials and tribulations for NaNoWriMo.  It’s not looking as great as I want it to.  And I might switch to a different idea since I want to do the idea justice.  I know I should probably just write it and then fix it, but I am not confident with it at all.  So, I might write a different idea – an idea that is very current and would be so gut wrenching and so awful to write, but would be great (more globally current).  The story I want to write and said I was going to write is partially planned, but I have no names for characters.  I don’t have a true setting yet.  I don’t have a full story built yet (and I know that would come and I could hopefully fix it).  I am in doubt.  And here’s a big reason why:

I went and saw a movie today.  I saw “The Judge”.  It was so fantastic.  I really loved it.  I loved the idea.  I loved the execution.  I loved that it made me think and it made me cry and it even made me laugh.  I love that it touched me.  It is what I want to do with my writing.

So, I am having doubt creep in. Already. And it’s not even November.

Tonight, after choir, I’m going to do some more planning.  Tomorrow, while I’m subbing, I’m going to do more planning.  Hopefully, by the time I go to sleep tomorrow (because in my state right now I just can’t stay up until midnight to start writing), I will have a better idea of things.  If not, I am going to write a different story.  And it’s going to be totally in the dark.  And I don’t know for sure what I will do.

Okay.  I have a lot to do, I guess.  So I need to get moving and planning.


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