An Early November Update (and what is going on with this blog?!?!)

I haven’t started writing here regularly, like I was planning to do.

I was going to start a regular weekly rotation, but I have decided that’s not a great idea because November is coming up and I want to focus on NaNoWriMo.  I think I’ve written about NaNoWriMo before, but just in case you have forgotten or didn’t follow me then, here is a quick recap.  NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month.  The participants who are involved are called Wrimos and I usually abbreviate it even more and just call it NaNo.  I will often refer to me NaNoWriMo Novel as a my NaNovel – at least until I have a working title for it.  The point is to write an entire novel in one month – November, as it has been.

I have been participating in NaNo for 5 years I think (maybe this will be my 5th year).  I have reached the word count every single time, but I haven’t actually completed an entire novel (no matter how bad it might be as it has to be written in an entire month).  I have also participated in a couple of Camp NaNoWriMos (which occur in March and July), but those don’t usually go as smoothly for me.  My goal this year is to actually finish an entire novel – finish the whole thing…even if it is awful.  And it’s going to be hard.  Because I haven’t planned much at all.

The problem is, I have multiple ideas and I need to choose one to focus on for November and then I need to start planning it so that I can write it during November.  But I don’t have even rough character sketches done.  I don’t have names.  I don’t have a basic plot outline.  I am really far behind.  But I still have 10 days in October.

Today, I plan to chat with a friend and choose a novel idea to follow.  Up until last night, I only had two ideas, but as I was falling asleep, I came up with two more.  One is mediocre, the other is much more interesting and something that I want to definitely write at some point, but may have to wait so I can develop it more.  Maybe I can plan out the next few years worth of NaNoWriMos or I can plan to write three of them over the next year (one in November and one during each camp session in April and July).

I’ve rambled enough.  My daily updates (that were going to go along the lines of a different theme each day, and I don’t remember what they were) will have to wait until NaNo is done.   But I do promise that in November I will write every day about my NaNoventures (I enjoy making up words, sometimes).  I will let you know how I’m doing, what I’m struggling with and so forth.

Please follow me if you’d like those updates!


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