Expiration Dates

I have decided that I am going to start blogging again. Once a week for now.  Posts that have some thought and content behind them – maybe even some editing.  My posts will focus on my life – issues that I think matter, events that I want to give exposure to, silly things that have happened.  It will be random, but thought provoking (at least, that’s my hope).  Today’s post is one I’ve been pondering writing for a while.  And next week’s post will probably follow (and you may get a bonus post this week because I really want to write about the concert I attended).

So, today’s post is inspired by a blog that I read on a regular basis.  The author has been blogging about time this month and how it works.  And it got me thinking about expiration dates.

Of, course there are certain things that have expiration dates: food, ages, certain events or levels of events that you can’t begin after a certain amount of time.  But those are the easy things, the ones with the already given expiration dates.  The hard thing are the expiration dates on other things.

How and when do you put an expiration date on a dream?  How long do you hold on to something that has seemed to slip away?  Is it fair to realize that your dreams don’t always come true and that’s okay?  Or that dreams can morph as time passes?

The things we dream about doing and being are things that define who we are.  And when we put an expiration date on those things, are we giving up or are we being realistic?

Should we allow other people to put expiration dates on our dreams?  And how late is to start again?

I have been thinking a lot about expiration dates.  I have been thinking about them in relation to my work, to my relationships, and to my life (as there have been a lot of deaths that don’t directly affect me, but have affected people that I am directly involved with).  I think it’s time that I put an expiration date on some things, I’m just not entirely sure how.  Or what steps I will take once I put the expiration date on things and it passes.

Because, with an expiration date, comes steps for what to do if the option isn’t met by that expiration date.

One thing that I do not want to put an expiration date on is this blog.  I want to continue blogging and I think that it’s good and important for me to continue writing and blogging.  For myself and for others.

So, look for me to continue and have a great week!


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