I’m Back?

Okay, I’m not actually back yet.  But I will be soon.

I’m trying to figure a whole bunch of things out.  My life, as it were.  It’s a little bit of a mess, maybe.  But I’m getting there.

I promise a post with an album to my summer (which was filled with country music and pretty fantastic) will be posted soon.  And just getting back to regular blogging.

But I think my computer has had it.  So, it could be a little while longer – in addition to the whole trying to figure things out.  One of those things is my computer.

To tide you over, you can go and pick up the book I just finished reading.  “The Storyteller” by Jodi Picoult was wonderful and although I hadn’t loved (I still read and liked them) some of her other recent releases, I loved this one.  It took me back to why I loved her so much.

You could also go and amuse yourself with Thought Catalog.

Or check out the latest Kid President video, which is a pep talk to teachers and students – something I hope I can be a big part of someday soon.

No links because my computer is maybe dying – or already dead, I’m not sure.

Tell me about your lives.  My life will not be a mystery much longer, I promise.  I hope your September has been great. 


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