Let The Crazy Begin

So, I thought that things would slow down since it is the end of the year and classes were over and all of that.

But the craziness has just begun.

This week is probably going to be the craziest week of the school year.  Testing begins this morning and continues for a solid week and a half (plus stragglers).  This includes, for me – a teacher, proctoring and grading of said tests.  In the case of the English it means that I am grading two sets of tests that have both short constructed responses and full blown essays.  I am also grading a shorter essay and short answer questions for one other English class.

In addition, I got a text from the co-advisor of the class that I am working with that we have approximately 52 things to get done before this weekend (which is Prom and the senior trip). 

So, needless to say – this week does not belong to me at all.

The only thing getting me through right now is that I have Saturday for me.  I am going to Hunter Mountain for Taste of Country Festival.  Unfortunately, I am only going for one day – due to the craziness of everything else with school and advising.

Let’s get this race done with and get the crazy out of the way.

Good luck to all this week!


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