A New Career?

I’ve been feeling very downtrodden by my career lately.  And maybe it’s that it’s been a lack of a career, more than anything.

So, I’ve been thinking lately that I’d really love to break into the music business.  I wouldn’t want to do any of the upfront stuff really.  I am not a good enough singer to do anything like sing.  But I would love to work with artists and be able to do behind the scenes stuff for them.  Make the fan experience something completely new and different.   And I think I would be good at it because I’ve become such a big fan and really enjoy the concerts I’ve been going to.  And I could gather feedback from people about what they wanted to see and what was or wasn’t working and it would be really great.

This is a little bit of a pipedream, but it could totally work.  Plus, hopefully it would mean that I would get to travel and do all sorts of crazy fun stuff when whomever I was working with was touring.

I mean, I’d really want to make the whole experience count and be better.

And as I started to do that, I could start learning to play piano – which I’ve been wanting to do for years – and I could start writing with some of these artists.  It would be so great.  And I really think I’d love it.

Because I’m hoping that this February I can participate in February Album Writing Month.  Which means I need to purchase myself a keyboard and start teaching myself to play.  ASAP.

And start writing poetry again.  Because that is all song lyrics really are.

I had wanted to go to bed early tonight so I should probably start to wrap this up.

A short, but sweet post.

I may not get pictures up from Tim McGraw.  I will try to do it tomorrow.  But I may have to do some other things like getting ready for a crazy busy/crazy fun weekend.

If I miss tomorrow, everyone have a great weekend.  And on Monday I will have more gushing to do (I’m sure) about the concert I go to and tons of fun things to do with pictures from both the concert I’ve already been to and the concert I am going to.



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